Strona główna
The idea to talk with your partner about this issue probably does not come with plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings. And you don't need to pretend. But, in fact, that you will not discuss erectile dysfunction as a couple if you don't care about the relationship with each other. Conversations may not be hard for both of you, start with reminding each other that you have a reason for love, hot sex, wanting to help, wanting to be honest, or any number of good intentions can touch down in a way that can keep you OK with more solid discussions.
More than 50 million women in the world are experiencing some type of sexual dysfunction.
The most common sexual disorders are divided into two main groups: Orgasmic dysfunction, which is associated with difficulty in reaching orgasm and a complete lack of it, and the violations stemmed from a lack of sexual arousal.
Both diseases are very common and there are many women. Viagra for women, this has become a highly effective drug for both sexes, men and women, helping to achieve a more pleasant and colorful love life.
Viagra for women need women who have difficulty reaching orgasm. Tabs for women does not affect the brain, but acts solely in the corpora cavernosa clitoris, producing there vasodilatation, which increases the likelihood of friction and, consequently, makes it possible to bring the case of orgasm. The drug increases blood flow to the genital area, increases the feeling of warmth, tingling and completeness of sensations.
Viagra for women starts working within 15-30 minutes after taking the drug, and it lasts up to several hours.
In the case of sexual dysfunction in women who have never reached orgasm throughout life or had serious problems with sex, viagra may not bring satisfactory results. This sexual dysfunction that should be attributed to psychological support.
However, in the case of sexual dysfunction in women who, until recently, led to stop an orgasm, Viagra copes with it.
A very important step for the sexual life of women, remember that razdičnye drugs cannot overcome the mental and emotional barriers to quench your sexual life. Need a great desire.
When one person in a couple live with erectile dysfunction it affects both individuals and in General. Few couples there that they were discussing erectile dysfunction is easy and fun, but if you want you to be together and maintain or develop healthy sexual relationship, this is what you should talk. Below are some tips on how to have productive discussions about erectile dysfunction.
Our discomfort with sexuality often leads couples to say vague when talking about sex. This can lead to misunderstandings and further frustration. One way to avoid this is the agreement that you both say so, what do you think happens in relationships. The goal is to be able to describe it for yourself and hear what your partner might say, have experience in how to speak and be heard. You can start taking turns talking about what you think, what's happening with erectile dysfunction and how does this affect your sexual activity.
Popular psychology is built around the idea of "shared their feelings" and there are a lot of unrealistic gender norms about how it is that women and men can do bad. Try to forget about all this. But it is important for each Member of the couple to try to describe for another, how they react to changes in the relationship since the beginning of the fall of the erection. There may be disappointment, guilt, sadness, shame, anger, fear, relief, confusion. Whatever you feel, being able to say it out loud and not think that the world is crashing down, and even maybe your partner will tell you that this is normal, and it will be a good first step in maintaining relationships.